6 tips for your first holiday as a family

6 tips for your first holiday as a family

This article was written by Holly Heath. Holly is a freelance writer and travel enthusiast. Her writing covers any and all topics related to travel, food, and lifestyle. 

Travelling as a family is obviously really important to us – after all, it’s the whole subject of this blog! Of course, planning a family holiday can be quite daunting if you are not used to it, and travelling with children can seem quite scary – so, unfortunately, many people put it off. It’s such a fantastic way to make memories together and something that all families should do, so here are six tips for your first holiday as a family.

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Decide where to go

If your children struggle with the heat, it might be wise to choose somewhere that isn’t going to be too hot. Think about the length of time it will take you to get there, versus the amount of time you think you can keep your children occupied for – there’s no shame in heading somewhere that’s just an hour or so away for your first holiday. If your child is still in a pram, look at how accessible the place is, and look at what food is available to make sure you can cater for any allergies and/or fussy kids!

Be prepared for something to go wrong

When you have children, you know how often things go wrong, and it pays to be prepared. Make sure you pack a well-stocked first aid kit, just in case and get good insurance that covers the whole family and has a 24/7 phone line. Hopefully, you won’t need to use either, but it will help to have the peace of mind to know that it’s there if you need it.

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Discuss the plan with them

Although we know holidays are exciting, if they’ve never been on one before your child might feel a little worried or thrown off by the change in routine. In the run up to the trip explain to them what is going to happen, and show them pictures of the accommodation and activities you are going to do together to get them excited. This will help put their minds at east before you set off.

Pack ready

You never know when you’re going to be able to find food that your children are happy with, so make sure you have snacks in your bag at all times, especially when you’re stuck at the airport or on the plane. Another thing you need to have with you is something to keep them busy, such as a small toy, book or activity. These don’t have to be anything expensive or fancy, just a little novelty to keep them busy when you’re waiting around for anything.

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Don’t overfill your days

It can be quite overstimulating to be in a new place and doing new things for the first time. If you try to pack too many things in, you might find that you are all tired, grouchy and not enjoying yourselves. When you travelled as just a couple you could be a little more free form, but with children, you might want to schedule in some things you really want to do. However, make sure you also keep plenty of time spare for rest or spontaneous fun.

Just do it

If you’re on the fence – just do it! Pack up a camera and plenty of sun lotion and go and make some memories. It won’t be perfect, because nothing ever is, but it will be worth it to look back on in years to come. Even the things that didn’t go as planned will make a story.

So, if you follow these six tips, you will have an amazing time on your first family holiday – hopefully, the first of many! Do you have any other tips? Let us know in the comments.

This post was written by Holly Heath in collaboration with 1Cover.

Thanks Holly for your contribution.  If you are interested in reading another guest post then please check out this amazing article my friend wrote for me all about skiing in Canada with kids.

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