Games to Play with Your Kids While Caravanning

Games to Play with Your Kids While Caravanning

This is a collaborative post, written by Danny Smith, CEO and Founder of  Xtend Outdoors Australia, we are happy to support and share guest posts.

Caravanning is fun and a wholesome experience of spending some quality time
surrounded by nature with your friends and family and performing various adventures at
the campsite. But once reached, in no time, it could be overwhelming when you
continuously hear ‘I’m bored’ or ‘play with me’ from your little ones.


Kids are always excited about the trip. They stuff all of their toys to pass their time in the
caravan or at the campsite. But they will not stick with those for too long. They are
surely going to be bored and run after you for playing with them.
So, it is important to prepare for their entertainment in advance. You need not struggle
with making a list of games for the kids. We have listed some fun games for kids that
will keep them entertained when camping.

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Games for Kids

20 Questions

This one’s pretty simple and easy to play when you need to pass the time. The players
need to think about what the person is thinking. A person thinks of an object, place or
person. Turn wise; each player asks yes or no questions to guess the mystery object.
For example, Is it a person? Is it a plant? Does it fly? Is it yellow in colour? Is it small or
big? And continue to ask upto a total of 20 questions. Players can even fit their guess
into the question, like Is it a lion? After the question, players can make a guess. The
person who guesses it correctly wins. But if they are unable to guess, the person
reveals the correct answer.

Board/Card Games

After spending the whole day outdoors, your little ones forcing you to play with them
could be overwhelming. And saying no will increase kids’ chances of running more after
you to play or sitting aside being upset. Instead, you can play some simple board/card
games, which would make them happy and require no effort.
You can either play in the caravan or out under the shade of the awning. By attaching
an awning to your caravan, everyone can gather and play outside the usual place while
enjoying the beautiful view.

You can choose the awning that suits your caravan from the wide variety of Xtend Outdoors Caravan Awnings .

Now, irrespective of the weather, you can play with your little ones and relax.

Name, Country, Animal

Fun and a perfect game to play in the caravan. The game is suitable for middle-aged,
school going kids, as it involves some quick or random answers in the excitement of
speaking it first or well-thought answers by recalling what the kids have learnt before.
You, as the moderator, have to speak a letter. For example, ‘A’ kids have to say the
person, country and animal name that starts with the given letter. Children speak one by
one, and the answers must not match with one another.

I Spy

Kids are always keen to guess items, and ‘I spy’ is an interesting guess game. A person
spies something present in the area and can be seen by everyone but keeps it a secret.
For making the players guess the item, the person says ‘I spy with my little eye
something that is and adds a clue in the end, for example, something that is black in
colour if referring to a chair or round in shape for a ball, the clue could be anything
related to the object. The rest of the players continue to guess, and the person
continues to give clues. The one who guesses correctly will spy next.

Memory Game

Apart from being interesting, this alphabet game checks your kid’s memory. At the end
of the sentence, ‘I am going for a picnic, and I am bringing’, the first player adds
something that starts with the letter ‘a’ for say apples. Then the other player continues
by repeating the whole phrase and adding something with the next letter, such as ‘I am
going for a picnic, and I am bringing apples and bananas’ and so on; the game
continues until you complete the list. If any of the players miss any of the items, he/she
is out of the game.

Camping Olympics

When camping near the field or beach, if the kids are bored from the usual sit and play
games, you can arrange some fun, sporty outdoor activities like tug of war, hurdle race,
sack race, water cup race and many more. You can take along the items required for
the games, and even basic items like a frisbee, a ball to play with whenever they are


After playing these bunch of games with your little ones while caravanning, you are sure
to hear giggles in return and not ‘I am bored’. It will, in turn, make the experience more
exciting and enjoyable for everyone.

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