How To Enjoy Travel With Young Children

How To Enjoy Travel With Young Children

This is a collaborative post, thanks to Lucy McVernon

You can see Ancient Wonders with children

You can see Ancient Wonders with children

Traveling and children are typically not things that most parents think of as going together, but in reality, travel can actually be wonderful for children and it’s not always as stressful and chaotic as you might imagine it to be.

So, if you’re planning a vacation or even a more educational trip with your family and are feeling some anxiety around the fact that you’re going with your children and don’t want things to be too crazy, then here are some simple things you can try to make the journey a little easier on everyone involved.

Of course, not all of these tips will apply to you because your children may have different interests or you may be using an alternative form of transportation, but they should at least give you some initial ideas to make the trip less stressful and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Involve them:

When travelling with children, it can be difficult to focus on the fact that children also want to be involved in the process. However it’s important for them to feel included, not just about where you go, but also about the things that you’re going to be doing and asking them about the things that they would like to see whilst you’re away and learning to make compromises about the things that you do. If for example, they feel that this is just a trip for adults then they may not be so inclined to enjoy the trip as much as they can.

Plan activities everyone will enjoy:

Family on the beach at sunset

Loving family travel life

As above, it’s important to remember that the trip is not just about you, but if you’re going with children then if you want everyone to enjoy it then this also means that doing activities that everyone will enjoy. For example even though perhaps want to go out to a nice restaurant such as Barilla Bay Restaurant, and the children perhaps would like to go somewhere else then a good compromise would be adding in an activity that they will enjoy that you can do before or after and letting them know that the trip is about doing things that everyone will enjoy.

Bring plenty of snacks:

If you’re travelling by car or even if you’re travelling by plane with young children, it’s a good idea to bring lots of snacks with you that can be taken through security. Not only because airports are expensive and don’t really carry a great variety of food for small children that they will like, but it’s a good idea for longer trips to keep them from getting hungry and annoyed.

Make it a learning experience:

Travelling is a learning experience and even with small children, you can still teach them things that will benefit them later in life instead of just making travel all about what you want to do as an adult and having them tag along. Although they may not be interested in things like architecture at a young age, you can teach them things that you understand on their level and that will encourage them to understand and be interested in things like architecture and geography perhaps later on in life. 

As you can see, it’s more than possible to travel with your children and still have it be an enjoyable experience all round, so if you thought that having children meant your travel days were over, then it really doesn’t have to be the case.

Of course, you may not be able to travel quite the same way as you did when you were single and solo, but children certainly shouldn’t be an excuse for you to not travel, and in fact, with all the benefits that travel has on children, there are more reasons to travel now than there was before you had them.

Thanks Lucy.

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