Sustainable Husky Tours in Finland: A Review of Kota Husky

Sustainable Husky Tours in Finland: A Review of Kota Husky

I had done a fair bit of research before our Finland trip on sustainable husky tours in Finland. Kota Husky was a name that was mentioned as having sustainable husky tours and the family ran company are also environmentally conscious. Kota Husky were also highly recommended by our Air BnB hosts. I was so excited for this adventure in Finland.

If you’re looking for a family-friendly adventure in Finland, there’s nothing quite like Kota Husky.  I can confidently say that this husky tour in Finland experience is one that you won’t forget any time soon. It is a once-in-a-lifetime winter activity in Finland.

Just breath taking - Kota Husky Finland. Sustainable husky adventures in finland. View of the rising and setting sun

Just breathtaking – Kota Husky Finland

Sustainable husky tours in Finland are becoming increasingly popular among travelers who are looking for eco-friendly and ethical ways to experience the Finnish wilderness. But, I still see so many travelers racing through and ticking boxes and doing everything right in the centre of Rovaniemi rather than looking further afield.  Further to this, I don’t think a lot of travelers are actually aware of sustainable practices at all.

Husky tours are a great way to explore the beautiful winter landscapes of Finnish Lapland, but it is important to choose a tour company that operates with sustainability and environmental responsibility in mind. Why? I think mostly for animal welfare! Kota Husky in Finland is a prime example of a tour operator that offers sustainable Husky tours in Finland. Kota Husky provides an authentic Finnish experience that is both enjoyable and responsible. We had a wonderful Christmas Day with a 20km husky tour through an untouched National Park. This is a prime example of nature-based tourism in Finland.

Christmas Day in Finland. With the real Santa

Christmas Day in Finland. With the real Santa

There are quite a few husky tour operators in Rovaniemi. We choose to take a husky tour outside of Rovaniemi for a few reasons. Firstly, as usual with our travels; I try and look for and book experiences that are somewhat off the normal tourist track. I didn’t want to have this experience in Rovaniemi with hundreds of others at the same time. But I did need to find a husky tour outside Rovaniemi that was family-friendly, where we would experience Finnish Lapland wilderness tours and was also an eco-friendly tour in Finland.

I had booked our Christmas accommodation 2 hours away from Rovaniemi and Kota Husky was a further 1 hour drive away. Our accommodation was delightful and this made the decision easy to choose Kota Husky for our Christmas Day White Christmas Husky Adventure.

I don’t want to totally write off the tourism operators in Rovaniemi as they have been providing husky tours in Rovaniemi for a long time and many are well regarded. But I do feel that Kota Husky is a better tourism operator than other tours in Rovaniemi for several reasons. Firstly, they are committed to sustainable and ethical husky welfare in Finland, ensuring that their huskies are well-cared for, trained and loved at their husky farm, Finland. Additionally, they limit the number of participants on each tour to ensure a more intimate and personalized experience for visitors. Lauri, the owner of Kota Husky knows all 90 dogs by name!  Kota Husky also operates its own kennel, providing greater control over the quality of the experience for their guests. Finally, they are committed to preserving the local environment. All of these factors combine to make Kota Husky a superior tourism operator in Rovaniemi.

Well loved dogs at Kuta Husky. Hill Tribe travels loved Kota Husky review finland. Here are Ned and Olive cudding the dogs at kota husky sustainable husky adventure finland

Well-loved dogs at Kuta Husky

Kota Husky is a family-run husky farm located in the heart of Finnish Lapland. As soon as you arrive, you’re greeted by the excited barks of the friendly huskies who are eager to take you on a ride through the pristine Finnish wilderness. Upon arrival we had a chance to put more layers on! We would need them. We were told that a husky ride in Finland would be the coldest we had ever been. They weren’t wrong. We wore everything we had. Plus overall’s from Kota Husky. Once seated in the sled we were covered in blankets. Olive was still in tears by the halfway point!!!! The car said -13. I think it was so much colder than that. It was still and beautiful but gosh it was cold.

Not sure if the sun is setting of rising! Gosh it was beautiful (and cold). Kota Husky Finland

Not sure if the sun is setting of rising! Gosh it was beautiful (and cold)

The farm is run by experienced and passionate owners who take great care of their animals; Kota Husky run an ethical tourism business in Finland. They place a strong emphasis on animal welfare, and the dogs are kept in spacious and comfortable living quarters. The owners are more than happy to share their knowledge about the dogs and their care, we were encouraged to ask as many questions as possible. There were plenty of opportunities for a pat with the dogs. Some were inside, others outside, and some on the couch inside!!

Well loved dogs at Kuta Husky. Ned Hill Tribe Travels patting one of the 100 dogs at Kota Husky review

Well loved dogs at Kota Husky

The dogs are incredibly well-trained and will take you on a thrilling ride through the stunning winter landscape. It was the most amazing scenery, ever! You’ll be tucked safely into a sled while the huskies do all the work, and you’ll have the opportunity to take in the awe-inspiring beauty of the Finnish countryside. BE aware though, the dogs do poo, a lot. Mid tour. It can be a bit stinky. The ride is suitable for all ages, and the owners make sure that the experience is safe and comfortable for everyone. We had the choice of having a sled each with Ned or Olive. Alternatively, the kids could go with a guide and Ross could take me! We opted for this option as I was a little scared of driving!! The kids were in the hands of experienced guides who made sure they had a fantastic time – and were kept warm enough, the guide even took his coat off to put on top of Olive when she was in tears.

Not sure if the sun is setting of rising! Gosh it was beautiful (and cold)

Not sure if the sun is setting of rising! Gosh it was beautiful (and cold)

I highly recommend Kota Husky as a family-friendly adventure in Finland. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get up close and personal with some of Lauri’s wonderful dogs while experiencing the beauty of the Finnish wilderness.  By choosing Kota Husky for a husky tour, you can enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience while knowing you are supporting an eco-friendly and socially responsible business whilst having an Authentic Finnish experience with huskies.

After our husky adventure. Beautiful surrounds

After our husky adventure. Beautiful surrounds

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