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HILL TRIBE TRAVELS is a website and family travel blog set up by Amber Hill (and it couldn’t be done without the whole family of course!). We live in Melbourne, Australia. We LOVE Melbourne and I don’t see us moving anytime soon. The only issue I have with Melbourne is that it is so far from everywhere haha! It’s a long plane flight to anywhere!

Hill Tribe Travels standing at Ella Station with our backpacks waiting for the train from Ella to Kandy

Ella train station, Sri Lanka

Here on our website,  we want to motivate and encourage our readers with children to travel as much as possible. Be it overseas, around Australia or locally.

Our blog is small but growing with passionate, interested followers. We would love to help as many families as possible to get out into the world and explore as much of it as possible. This does not always mean big overseas adventures. We are fully aware that this is not for everyone. We are more than happy if we can help motivate families to get out into the local countryside for a day trip!


Our blog is small!

We know this. We get this! There are hundreds of family travel blogs plastered all over the internet at the moment. But, do they all have a loyal following? Do they interact with their followers? Do they have their readers or followers touching base to ask questions and advice? Are they genuine, honest families blogging for all the right reasons (or are they just looking for a free trip)?

We are small. But we are also all these great things and we are loving the blogging journey for all the right reasons. Honest, genuine and doing this to help other families build confidence to head out exploring.

Here at Hill Tribe Travels we are not looking for freebies as a way to reduce our travel costs. We love to travel the world on our own terms. That means sussing out cool little finds along the way and sharing these gems with our readers. This is our way of staying true to our core values.

We have always sought out smaller boutique accommodation options, Air B&B properties, You Camp properties etc. We rarely stay in big chain resorts and hotels (although, we do love a resort!).

We feel these options give us a deeper appreciation into local way of life.

To be honest, I tend to tune out when I see another sponsored post from a travel blogger.

Our readers are loyal and they trust what we have to say. There is no payment here for a favourable review – we will tell it how it is. We are transparent and if something didn’t work for us we will tell our readers and followers about it.

As a result of our honesty and down to earth nature our readers do feel inspired after reading our articles. They know they were written with love and honesty. We know this because we have had many families touch base with us to tell us!

It fills us with happiness to know that we have helped other families. We are super proud of our little blog. It has a long way to go. But, it is early days.

We feel our readers are those families who –

  • Search for family-friendly adventurous travel ideas and inspiration on where to visit
  • Fun-loving families who are looking for travel ideas which are a step away from the usual resort-type holidays (which I love by the way!).


I’ll say it again. We are a small blog. But we love what we do and do it with passion.

We provide our readers with honest reviews of destinations, transport, accommodation, gear and activities.

We love working with brands that align with our family travel niche.  To date, we currently have had partnerships with Ninja Shark, Tamaki Maori Village and Hell’s Gate, both on the North Island of New Zealand.

As our brand and blog grows we would love to work with you! By working with you we don’t mean asking for ‘freebies’. Let us help you show off your funky accommodation space, restaurant or kids travel gear to our readers in an open and honest way.

From our site and our social media channels to the interaction we have with other families both personally and via social media, we can help promote and maximise your brand’s exposure to our audience. Our audience trusts us as a family and trusts what we say. We will only work with products we believe will enhance our travel experience and therefore enhance travels for other families. We are a very genuine and honest family.

Hill Tribe Travels sitting at the top of The Pinncale in the Grampians. One of the great hikes for kids in the Grampians

Freezing at the top but such an achievement

I take pride in providing quality posts and we have already had many readers come to us with questions on destinations and travel products.

But it is not all about us! In order for us to work together, you must have a family-friendly product and be on board with our family travel philosophies.

Right from the start we have been developing trust with our readers and will continue to do so be being ourselves – an honest, genuine, fun-loving family.



Are you looking to form long-term relationships to promote your family-friendly brand? We would love to partner with brands we use and trust and that offer our readers a great family travel experience.


Are you a tourism board, hotel or adventure tour company? We would love to market your destination, hotel or adventure to our followers. Our followers do trust what we have to say and any reviews from us are genuine and honest. We are open to staying in a wide variety of accommodation options from camping, hotels, hostels, gurts – you name it – we will give it a go as a family. We would love to work closely with local tourism officers on creating awesome itineraries for ourselves and our readers.


We are always looking for travel products that will make life for us and other travelling families easier. For example, the Ninja Shark full-face mark which we took to Hawaii. If you have a product or service that is super family-friendly we are happy to accept sponsored reviews. We will use, review and return your product/service, including a blog post and share across social media and include links to your website.

A media kit will be available soon.


Thanks for taking the time to read our blog. If you are interested in chatting further about any of the above please use our contact form or send an email directly to Amber

We look forward to hearing from you and working together to encourage other everyday families to get out there and explore the world.


Amber and fam x

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